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by Klaus Dörre

The World Economic Forum knows it, the Pope knows it, and sociologists know it: this world can no longer accommodate growth capitalism. The planet has become too small for a social formation whose operating system requires the continuous profit-driven occupation of ‘noncapitalist strata’ (Rosa Luxemburg). Indeed, although the capitalist economy may still have grown ... Read more










Postcapitalism? Five Orientations from the Perspective of Social Reproduction
by Emma Dowling

Where austerity, recession and ‘regressive recovery’ [1] occur, the experience of economic crisis is as a crisis of social reproduction, a crisis in the reproduction of livelihood. [2] This crisis is both gendered and racialised in just who picks up the tab for cuts to social services or a rise in unemployment. [3]   Read more










On Realising Postcapitalism
by Alex Williams

Wither postcapitalism? Across Europe, there are signals today of an evolution or mutation of neoliberal forms of governance, towards a more rapacious and authoritarian genus. But there are also signs of fragility and increasingly metastasising risks. There are rising political populisms in both leftist and right-wing variants ... Read more